It’s Already Thursday!

We were back at the Children’s Home today and ready to go after a day of rest! We knew the routine, how to work with one another, and were filled with the desire to do our part to serve . . . while having some fun, too!

Our team seemed to organically align ourselves into two teams: the wall building team and the mescla/support team. Wall builders were helping to build row upon row of the wall: filling spaces within and between blocks and decoratively scraping the crevices after the mescla began to set. The support team made sure there was a ready supply of all materials by mixing mescla, gathering rocks and water and tools, and later cleaning and preparing the tools for a return to storage once tasks were completed. We worked effectively together, even managing to wrap up our work just as the rain set in — our first big cloudburst of the week. The rain didn’t continue long, but did a great job of soaking most of us through and through. But it was no big deal. There was no way a little water would prevent us from connecting with the children before heading back to the guest house for the day!

Today we also had a chance to share those individual moments that have been particularly meaningful to us: the times when we may have felt the Spirit guiding us, or noticed that our eyes were opened to see something new or unexpected, or felt that our hearts were breaking open. Sharing our personal reflections can be challenging, yet we’ve grown to love and trust one another this week, making it just a bit easier to be vulnerable. Then we celebrated a joyfully intimate Holy Eucharist and Healing Service, where all were invited forward for anointing and prayers of healing and support for ourselves and those we love. It was a beautiful, Spirit-filled time and for many, a time of renewal, hope, and comfort.


For our team, Thursday’s can be both wonderful and poignant. We know that our week is coming quickly to an end and that tomorrow will be filled with heartfelt good-byes. While we don’t want to miss a moment of today, we can’t help but notice that we’re beginning to move ahead, inching ever more quickly towards returning home. We’ll be happy to return, yet may feel changed by the Spirit who has drawn us here to open our hearts and minds to recognize that all people are God’s own beloved, and who teaches us that if we’re willing to take the time to truly see, we can witness God’s handiwork all around us.


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