Wonderful Wednesday

Today’s was a marvelous change of pace! Instead of heading to the worksite at the Children’s Home, we traveled into Tegucigalpa to God’s Littlest Lamb’s School and Daycare to attend the weekly devotional, a high energy assembly of the entire school, focused on Christ. It was a joy to hear the uplifting music and the weekly reflection on Scripture before meeting with the staff. This school, located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa, not only focuses on education, but the overall well-being of the children and their families, mind, body, and spirit. The passion of the staff — from the principal, to the head of the daycare, to the director of the Alonzo movement— is so clearly evident as they explain how they care for the children and are available far beyond the normal work day to build community and assist families through life’s difficulties in support of the well-being of God’s littlest lambs.

From there, we became tourists. We first stopped at Arte Giancarlo’s, a local shop featuring handcrafted pewter and Honduran crafts, then lunch at a local restaurant, before heading to Valle de Angeles, a small town centered around a lovely square, filled with small shops for souvenir shopping. No trip to Valle is complete without a final stop for ice cream, a traditional team event each year!

After dinner at the guest house, Suzy McCall, the founder of LAMB, joined us for the evening to tell us her own story of coming to the mission field. Suzy has been a missionary for almost 30 years and recently celebrated her 15th anniversary with LAMB. She explained her continuing journey to learn and seek Christ’s guidance in her life and encouraged us all to continue towards spiritual maturity, moving beyond that starting point of a “me-focused” relationship with Jesus that may concentrate on personal salvation, and towards a deeper relationship with Christ that focuses on community. She talked about what it means to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves through her reflection on Hebrews 13:12, “Therefore, Jesus also suffered outside the city gate in order to sanctify the people with his own blood.” We were challenged to consider those in our own times who are the “outsiders” — immigrants, refugees, the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized — and how Jesus calls us to care for all our brothers and sisters in love and with compassionate caring.

Our day ended with Compline and singing . . . and the realization that our week here is halfway over. Two more days of work at the Children’s Home and we’ll be heading home. Time is flying by so quickly.


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