What about Tuesday?

We’ve really pulled together as a team as we get (slightly) more proficient at the worksite. Today we had the chance to begin building part of the wall, requiring some of yesterday’s skills (mixing mescla, gathering rocks and more rocks, sifting sand) plus new, advanced skills, like forming conga lines to move cinder blocks and scoring the mortar to make a cinder block wall more attractive and working elbow to elbow. We have proven to be a marvelously trainable group! Yeah, us!

We had the phenomenal gift of being among the first to greet Emily Alexandra, the newest addition to the Children’s Home. She was an abandoned 3-month old child, but is now in the loving arms of LAMB Institute, warmly welcomed into this Christ-centered family. Everyone was excited to see her and it was marvelous to witness the children all greet their new sister in Christ with a hug or a kiss or a touch. Not every children’s home is capable of accepting children so young and it’s such a blessing to know that this ministry can help children of all ages. 

At lunch we had the special treat of celebrating the birthday of Ariel, one of our worksite leaders, for the 2nd year in a row. Colleen, who had remembered this special event, made sure we were prepared with some marvelous cupcakes after a trip to PriceMart last night, which she described as a “Spanish CostCo.” Ariel was so touched that we remembered his special day.


Our time with the children each day has developed into a comfortable routine of friends spending time with one another. Today, our teen boys just hung out together, as boys will do. And there’s nothing quite like watching a co-ed volleyball game played with an interesting combination of soccer AND volleyball moves, while little ones on bikes and trikes scoot around the court. And to top off the day, we were surrounded by little ones singing and dancing “I Like to Move it, Move it” from Madagasgar. One of our youth, Leora, had begun the dance while playing hide and seek with a large group of children, when suddenly everyone had to match her steps, proving they knew the moves as well. Sports, music, laughter — a universal language.

After leaving the Children’s Home, we dashed back to the guest house to drop off our things before heading to the LAMB school to visit the Alonzo Movement, a ministry that provides hope-filled activities for young people. The energy and laughter was contagious, as our youth joined in with the relay races and soccer scrimmages with this club of 8-10 year olds. A truly joyful end to the day.

What are we learning? So many things. In very real ways, we’re experiencing what it means to recognize one another as beloved children of God. That different isn’t bad, it’s just different. And there’s so much more we can do when we’re united in following Christ’s path of loving God and loving our neighbor. Nothing is impossible with God. 

Mother Bonnie+


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