Not just another Monday

It’s the first day of our work week at the children’s home! Lovely weather, particularly with the cool morning temps. We met our fearless leaders, Angel and Ariel, as well as the “Super Boss,” Mario, who will guide us in all our work this week. We’ll be helping to add on to the wall that will eventually surround the property of the Children’s Home. We had the privilege of beginning this work last year, so it’s particularly exciting not only to see how much has already been accomplished but to know that we will again be a small part of a chain of faithful helpers who support the ministry in this work.

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of tasks are involved: “creating” rebar, digging a trench for the foundation, carrying rocks and more rocks, mixing mescla (our version of concrete), sifting sand. Some of the work is in tight quarters, requiring some extra care. And I imagine there will be more than a few with sore muscles tomorrow, particularly as we begin to create the cinder block wall.

The “Making Rebar” team

So many tasks to build a wall . . .

It’s been a joy-filled day. One of our team members, Kate, plays guitar and sings like an angel and it’s been a joy to have her lead us in song. But it was spectacular to have Kate and Angel singing together today after lunch. Spanish and English lyrics combined in praise of our Risen Lord, the sounds resonating throughout the chapel patio as the wind swirled around us and we gazed across the magnificent valley.  The Spirit was truly present, encouraging us and refreshing us for the afternoon.


A Spirit-filled moment in songs of praise

Plus, there’s always time to spend with the children at the end of the workday. While most of the adults need a bit of time to rest, our youth (and some adults!) are jumping right in to engage with the young people at the Children’s Home. It’s such a blessing to see how quickly everyone connects and becomes comfortable with one another.

And as always, we can count on wonderful food, fellowship, and time to relax together at the end of the day at the LAMB guesthouse, Casa Lamb. Looking forward to seeing where the Spirit will lead us and what tomorrow may bring!

Blessings, Mother Bonnie!



One thought on “Not just another Monday

  1. The best part of the day is getting to see all the pictures and hear the great things the team is doing! Thanks for sharing all of this each day with us back home.

    Mark & Patty Blair


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