A Day at the Park

I find that taking the time for Sabbath can REALLY be hard. There’s always something to do, someplace to go, some list that needs to be completed. Our busy-ness can seem never-ending. 

But today in Honduras was a blessed, renewing, beautiful Sabbath day. 

The weather was wonderfully cool, as we began our day by heading to the Children’s home for worship. Services at the chapel are always high energy.  How can they NOT be, when 90% of the attendees are children! The Spirit was there among us — brushing our faces with the soft touch of a gentle, continuous wind; ringing in our ears through the sounds of the joyous praise music; and warming our hearts through the smiles of a child. Glorious! God is so good.


And for the rest of the day, we really did experience a sabbath day, a day at the park! A slow-moving, gentle day, as some rested, others played games, a few were “found” by a particular child . . . but all were able to be at peace with simply being present. Nothing else required.

Cookie face – a favorite team game!

How blessed we were to be able to share our love through the gift of time, joining these precious children in a joy-filled day.  And we were able to share God’s love in more tangible ways as well, delivering almost 100 beautiful, hand-made pillowcases to the children . . . a real gift from our parish In-Stitches ministry. Thank you, Sandra Culver, and all of the devoted In-Stitches members for your time, resources, and talent! Another gift of presence and love.

Thank you, Most Holy Spirit, for your guidance, your nudging, your encouragement to accept your love and remember that we truly are beloved children of God. Thank you, God Almighty, for reminding us through the life of your precious Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, to pass it on. Thank you, Jesus,, for showing us how to pass on your love, your joy, and compassionate caring. Thank you.



A drawing from Johel, an extraordinary Honduran boy




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