Our trip begins . . .

We met at the church bright and early. Well, perhaps it wasn’t really so bright, but it sure was early! But we began our day at Holy Spirit — loading up the cars, bidding families farewell, and gathering for prayer — then headed to the airport in time for breakfast before boarding our flight. Four hours later, we’re on our way through customs in Tegucigalpa, then off to Casa Lamb, our home for the upcoming week!


After dropping our luggage we headed to the Children’s home. We had plenty of time to tour and see just how much has changed from last year: a new road, a vegetable garden, a new missionary guest house, new playground equipment, a completed prayer wall and meditation garden, a growing perimeter wall. Amazing! As we toured the grounds, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much can be accomplished when we, as God’s people, are unified in our commitment to serving God through our loving support of others. Truly uplifting!


It’s such a joy to have this opportunity to connect with friends old and new and come to know one other another as a team. May the Spirit guide us in all that we do this week, helping us to walk in love as Christ loved us.


Blessings, Mother Bonnie+


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