Home Again!

Heading home! The team was great about completing most of the packing last night, to minimize any travel chaos this morning — so we won’t have any stories this year about missing passports, overweight luggage, or team members leaving behind backpacks.

It was good to have one final Morning Prayer service at Casa Lamb, lifting up prayers as a team for our Honduran brothers and sisters, for safe travels, and continuing to be open to the nudging of the Spirit in our lives. We also shared hopes, if it’s God’s will, for us to be in this place again. The time here has been very special and we’re leaving behind a piece of our hearts.

Amanda Scott, our Lamb Volunteer Coordinator smoothly navigated us through airport check-in. The running joke is that it’s always a race on these Saturday mornings to BTB (Beat the Baptists). The flight to Atlanta is typically FILLED with missionary teams and traditionally, Baptist teams are BIG. So if we can BTB, we make it through Delta check-in faster, can find enough seats at the food court for the team, and also can find seats at the gate! And yes, today we did indeed BTB!

We had some great moments at the airport. Tatyana Blair found the perfect T-shirt (again), Luke Blair had an interesting encounter with a “spoon straw” (you’ll have to ask him), and several of us found a unique solution for getting that final recharge on our phones.

But the best was Andrea Cardona connecting with her family before we went through security. Andrea had been in Honduras visiting relatives for 3 weeks before joining our team, and it was wonderful for her family to have a few final minutes together before we headed back to Atlanta.


The flight was uneventful, just as you’d always like it to be, and we even arrived a bit ahead of schedule and needed to wait for a gate. One of our team members, Jack DeArmey, left us to continue on his journey to Kansas City. The rest of us faced our own customs process cola (another wait in line!), which was relatively painless. We’re experts right now, about waiting in lines. Collecting our baggage was straightforward. But best of all was reconnecting with our families.

We’re thankful for this experience — for this time with our Honduran brothers and sisters; for the prayers and support of our family, friends, and especially our ECOHS family and Home Team prayer partners, who have supported our efforts with prayers and generous giving for so many months, in order to make this trip possible. You are all a blessing to us.

There was a posting today by Brother David Vryhof of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE). SSJE has a daily posting called Brother, Give Us A Word that I would highly recommend and you can subscribe at SSJE.org. Here’s today’s posting:

Never mind your weakness; it is the very thing that qualifies you. Never mind your feelings of inadequacy; it is God’s work, not yours. Simply make yourself available, and let go of any need to impress others, or prove yourself worthy, or achieve “success.” What matters is that God has chosen you and that God claims you as God’s own.

This was a wonderful reminder for me about following our call to serve Christ in the world. There’s no need to wait for a perfect time, or to be perfectly qualified, or to be perfectly prepared. We don’t need to worry about our weaknesses. Our team wasn’t perfect and certainly, none of us are! But what mattered is that we were chosen, and we said “Yes!” to God’s call to go, God’s call to serve.

Thanks be to God for the opportunity to serve Christ in the world. We are so blessed.

Mother Bonnie+


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